• 100% Made in Italy.
  • Covers the simplicity and safety of work, the speed at which the workbench can be opened, and the versatility of new products such as e-bikes. In addition, this bench is completely removable, and it is necessary to use it in any situation.
  • Attention to detail such as security systems that close counters and complete independence from energy sources such as electricity or air.
  • With 4 stands, it can be adapted to the maintenance versatility of all bicycles, including electric bicycles, and guarantees very high work efficiency.
  • The first is also dedicated to the e-bike, a workbench for the rapidly expanding market. With its loading system, you no longer need to lift any bike, just place it on the work platform and with just one gesture you are instantly ready to work in complete safety.
  • The handlebar bracket can be mounted on this workbench to provide practical support for the handlebar in case you need to remove the fork for maintenance.
  • The E-City bracket is located on the working surface of this workbench, allowing you to work completely safely and freely on a city e-bike equipped with wheels.
  • The 14×24 cm magnetic tray allows you to hold any metal object in any position. Made of polished stainless steel with a powerful bottom magnet that can be placed on the entire work surface.
  • Bushings to support QR, barrelshaft, Fox and Suntour forks.


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